Hand Paint Studio
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‘We provide stylish and unique handpainted finishes for kitchens, bathrooms and furniture’.

Traditionally, handpainted finishes have been difficult to apply in high use areas such as kitchens, bathrooms or laundries. The Hand Paint Studio team has developed an exclusive sealant system using a clear polyurethane that will not yellow with time, fade with light or allow any water penetration, making it highly durable and extremely easy to maintain. In this way, a modern, hard-wearing surface is created without compromising the patina of the handpainted finish.

"Our goal is to provide clients with a Unique, Stylish Hand Painted feel & look finish, while Modern & Hard-Wearing Durability, meaning in 10yrs time Kitchen, Bathroom or Joinery had finished will still look great" says Tash (Natasha) Milkovic of The Hand Paint Studio.

Choose from the many standard finishes available or consult with one of The Hand Paint Studio experts to develop a finish to match your personal needs.

The Hand Paint Studio is a family-owned business established in the early 90ís, Now owned since 2019 by Ben & Natasha (Tash) Milkovic.

Utilising their many years of experience in polyurethane coating for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, they offer a unique and beautiful range of handpainting services to joiners and private clients alike.

  • Covered by our 7 year warranty.
  • Sealed and protected with our unique commercial polyurethane.
  • Highly durable, will not yellow with age, easy to clean.
  • Colour and style advice.
  • Over 15 years experience as a leader in the industry.
  • Samples available to view in our showroom display.